Are you suffering from headaches or pain in your back, muscles, joints, ...? Do not hesitate to visit us!

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Who are we?

We are private, family type, rehabilitation centre with kind and professional staff.

What can we offer?

You can get quick solution to your health issue - examination - diagnosis - treatment.

We do care about you

We ensure confidentiality and an individual approach.

Why are we here?

We opened our centre after having negative experience with the care provided by state and we are sure we are not alone with such negative experience of care.

Our goal

Our aim is provide professional health care including physiotherapy, treatment of traumatic injury, chronic conditioned and prevention. We offer different type of massage techniques not only for adults but for children too.

Why should you choose us?

Apart from our professional team, we can provide the best care by the most advanced electrotherapy available on the market. You will not only solve your health condition but you will feel cared for.

Our team

MUDr. Beata Havaldová

Physical medicine and rehabilitation, neurologist

Physiotarapy and neurology is not only her job but also a hobby. She decided to spread and share her passion to help people and she finished her study on faculty of medicine by graduation in 1991.

Bc. Eva Slamová


She has worked at department of physiotherapy in the National rehabilitation centre in Kováčová. She gained a lot of professional experience during this period as she worked with people suffering by many different diagnoses.

Jana Lukačovičová


She is qualified in Physiotherapy, Vojta Therapy and Yoga therapy. She is qualified in different types of yoga - Anusara Hatha yoga, Yin yoga, yoga teacher for children and and yoga therapist for children with special needs as Autism, Dmo, Asprger Sy, ADD. ADHD Down sy, etc.

Mgr. Adam Bednárik


He is qualified in a lot of different techniques as ACT, SM system, Dysfunction of pelvic muscles, respiratory physiotherapy and many other techniques.

Bc. Barbora Šišovská


In addition to her professional training she has completed many additional physiotherapy courses as SM system, Blackroll trainer, Kinesio taping, Instructor of Pilates 1. degree.

Ľubica Gorelová


Our patient manager. She will bring smile on your face :)

MUDr. Eva Dúbravová


Are you suffering from headaches, back, muscles, joints, ...? Do not hesitate to visit us!
Náš personál sa Vám bude venovať na najvyššej úrovni, akú fyziatrická a neurologická ambulancia môže poskytnúť.

Venujte kúsok svojho času pre seba a svoje zdravie...

Do you suffer by hectic lifestyle, try relaxation techniques which brings you back to balance. In these days we are under the pressure to solve so many issues and we do not make time for the most important things in our life - our health and learn to relax. Bring awarenes to your health, listen to your body and visit our proffesional physiotherapy clinic in Bratislava - Rača. We have department of physioterapy and neurology. Furthermore, our qualified team of physioterapist will take the best care of you. We can help you to reduce the pain and treat different conditions, by the best available electrotherapy in the market. You will experience the best care and feel reuvenited.

You can find us...

  • +421 905 205 009
  • Žitná 48, 831 06 Bratislava, Rača
  • By bus n. 59 and 65 from bus stop Travna than walk 400 meters direction to town on the main road. Tramlink 3 and 5 stop Hybešová. Than walk down to the main road, turn left and walk 100 meters.

...district Rača








Parking places

Always when I suffer by any health issue, apart from my football world, I remember Rehab Klinik. Such a great people, not only they are professionals in what they do ,but they are opened in their heart as well. Evka is exclent manager of physiotherapy team, she can diagnose problem very quickly and solve it very efectivly by professional approach and technique. Thats how physiotherapy should be like. Thank you.

Dušan Vangel

Football player
I had to look for professional help because of my cervical spain issues. Thats why I have chosen Rehab Klinik. Their professional and human approach have no limits. I feel how physioterapy lesson always help me and I would like to come back often and bring awarenes to my health as well.

Diana Mórová

I suffered by herniated disk and I needed help, thats why I  looked for professional help in lot of rehabilitation clinics in Slovakia and that how I met Evka, our physioterapy leader. She helped me to skip operation and today I can do everything as before. I am very acive person who loves all kind of sports. I would like to encouradge you to find the best physiotherapy help , as operation is not always the answer. Answer is to be aware and paying attention to your health making time for the the most important thing in your life - your health. Health is a choice and attidude. I decided to set up the rehabilitation clinic to help people like me to get better, get healthy and feel looked after on the way.

Miroslav Ondrejkovič




  • Žitná 48, 831 06 Bratislava, Rača
  • +421 905 205 009
  • For our clients parking is provided directly in front of the clinic.
  • Office hours of the medical center
    Mon– Fri 08:00 – 18:00 hod.
  • Office hours of neurological and rehabilitation ambulance
    Monday 14:30-17:30/Thursday 15:30 – 18:00 hod.

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