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Our skilled and experienced physiotherapists and doctors will provide you physiotherapy, rehabilitation and neurological outpatient services at the highest level.
They will help you with locomotory problems: spinal and cervical spine pain, headaches, pains of legs, joints and hand pains, arthrosis, carpal tunnel, cervical spine, lumbalgia, paresis, pain after injuries and fractures. Our physiotherapy and rehabilitation is also aimed on childs, seniors, post-traumatic pains and sports rehabilitation.
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Neurologist MUDr. Havaldová

MUDr. Beata Havaldová - Physical medicine and rehabilitation, neurologist

Doctor Beáta Havaldová is our specialist in the field of physiatry, balneology and remedial rehabilitation. She has also completed further courses such as SM System I-IV, kinesiotherapy, etc.
Physical examination

Neurologist MUDr. Dúbravová

MUDr. Eva Dúbravová - Physical medicine and rehabilitation, neurologist

Doctor Eva Dúbravová specializes in the field of physiatry, balneology and remedial rehabilitation/neurology. Throughout the years, she has gained extensive expertise in diagnosing the difficulties of the musculoskeletal system.
Physical examination

Physiotherapist Bc. Eva Slamová

Bc. Eva Slamová - The main physiotherapist

After graduating from university in the field of medical rehabilitation, Eva has started working for the National centre for remedial rehabilitation. Among her areas of expertise are medicinal-educational therapy,...
Medical-educational therapy

Bc. Miroslava Hvojnikova

Bc. Miroslava Hvojnikova - physiotherapist, muscle dysfunction

Mirka studies the human body, she graduated in masseur and later physiotherapy at university. In practice, she uses exercise, kinesio taping, visceral manipulation, soft techniques, banking, manual lymphatic drainage.
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Dipl. fyz. Jana Lukačovičová

Dipl. phys. Jana Lukačovičová - Yoga teacher, Pilates, massage

Janka is a certified practitioner of Vojtova therapy technique and different types of yoga including: Anusara Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga, Therapeutic Yoga, Yoga for adults and children with disabilities such as DMO, Autism, ADHD or Down’s Syndrome.
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Mais Arutyunyan

Mais Arutyunyan - masseur, fitness trainer

Mais formerly worked in his massage salon in Ukraine. He has extensive practice in classical, sport and facial massage as well as banking. Mais also helps professional sportsmen and sportswomen in preparation and regeneration after performance.
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Bc. Renata Zemin

Bc. Renata Zemin - Physiotharapist, SM-system, massage

In 2017 she graduated in Institute of physiotherapy, balneology and medical rehabilitation in Piešťany. In her practice she often uses cupping, SM system and basics from DNS therapy...
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Dipl. phys. Barbora Prikrylová - fyzioterapeut

Dipl. phys. Barbora Prikrylová- physiotherapist, massage

In her complex approach to the patient she uses manual therapy such as soft techniques, release of trigger points, mobilization techniques, mulligan concept, kinesiotherapy, cupping, taping, massage...
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Ľubica Gorelová

Ľubica Gorelová - nurse

Ľubica has many years of practice as a nurse and upon your visit she will be your first and last point of contact. Her job is to make you feel welcome at our clinic so that you’ll be leaving with a smile on your face.
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Whenever I get injured, on- or off- the football field, my first thought is - Rehab Klinik. The staff here are very kind and treat you at a very professional level. They are all specialists, led by the main physiotherapist Evka. First, they diagnose the problem, and then you immediately start with the treatment. No waiting or delays, they work quickly and efficiently. This is what rehabilitation should look like everywhere! Thank You.

Dušan Vangel

Football player
I started having problems with my neck and needed help. That is why I chose Rehab Klinik. It is the place to go if you are looking for professional treatment with a personal touch. The rehabilitations have been incredible, and I am always looking forward to my next visit. :)

Diana Mórová

Due to pain caused by herniated disc, I had to start looking for help all around Slovakia. I didn’t want to go to surgery. In the process I found Evka, now our leading physiotherapists, who has taken care of me. Today I can do everything like before. Friends, medicine or surgery are not the answer to maintaining your physical fitness; rehabilitation and physiotherapy are. These are the reasons why I decided to found Rehab Klinik: to help people like me, get healthy again.

Miroslav Ondrejkovič

I’m absolutely thrilled. My neck already feels better after the first session! And the next day was even better: I felt like an owl - I could turn my head 180 degrees. I’m so grateful, my problems are becoming nothing but a distant memory. I’ve discovered the magic of rehabilitation. Thank you, Barborka!

Patrícia Ho

Active sportsperson
Before, I suffered from shoulder pain almost daily. That is why I had to start searching for help. Fortunately, I found Mr. Mišut at Rehab Klinik. Not only did he show me some wonderful compensation exercises, which helped with the pain, but also his professional yet personal approach are proof that I am at the right place. A big thank you to the team at Rehab Klinik! See you.

Martin Boro

Former member of Slovak rafting representation team
The reason why I started searching for a physiotherapist/rehabilitation was a wrist fracture. I was lucky to find Ms. Slamová at Rehab Klinik. In a very short period of time everything went back to normal. Despite negative prognoses from the doctors, my wrist is like new and I can fully immerse myself in Yoga again. Evička, you are amazing, thank you so much!

Linda Rozenbergová

Yoga teacher


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