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Our skilled and experienced physiotherapists and doctors will provide you physiotherapy, rehabilitation and neurological outpatient services at the highest level.
They will help you with locomotory problems: spinal and cervical spine pain, headaches, pains of legs, joints and hand pains, arthrosis, carpal tunnel, cervical spine, lumbalgia, paresis, pain after injuries and fractures. Our physiotherapy and rehabilitation is also aimed on childs, seniors, post-traumatic pains and sports rehabilitation.
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Neurologist MUDr. Havaldová

MUDr. Beata Havaldová - Physical medicine and rehabilitation, neurologist

Dr. Beata Havaldová is well experienced doctor in fyziatric balneology medical rehabilitation and neurology. She has many certificates from neurology, balneology and rehabilitation like SM system I-IV, Kinesiotaping, etc.
Physical examination

Neurologist MUDr. Dúbravová

MUDr. Eva Dúbravová - Physical medicine and rehabilitation, neurologist

Dr. Eva Dúbravová is well experienced doctor in fyziatric balneology medical rehabilitation and neurology . She specializes in diagnosis and treatment of musculatory sceletal diseases. She has many years of experiences in this field.
Physical examination

Physiotherapist Bc. Eva Slamová

Bc. Eva Slamová - The main physiotherapist

She has worked at department of physiotherapy in the National rehabilitation centre in Kováčová. She gained a lot of professional experience during this period as she worked with people suffering by many different...
Medical-educational therapy

physiotherapy Bc. Jana Lörinczová

Bc. Jana Lörinczová - physiotherapist, masseur

She has many years of experience in inpatient and outpatient practice, she deals with the problems of the musculoskeletal system of children (from 10 years) and adults. Uses soft, traction and facilitation techniques.
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Bc. Peter Bondra

Peter Bondra - physiotherapist, masseur

Peter is a student at A. Dubček University in Trenčín. He devotes them mainly to the musculoskeletal system, ie the entire musculoskeletal system, and in his practice he uses the methods of Chiropractic, NMS diagnostics and therapy, Neuro Mobilization Therapy, Cardio and Pulmonary Rehabilitation.

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Mais Arutyunyan

Mais Arutyunyan - masseur, fitness trainer

He worked in his salon in Ukraine. He specializes in classic, sports, facial massage and banking. It also helps professional athletes in preparation and regeneration after top performances.
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Mgr. Dávid Danáč

Mgr. Dávid Danáč - massage, SM system, physiotherapist, McKenzie

David specializes in eliminating acute and chronic spine pain, correcting muscle imbalances and incorrect stereotypes of movement. He uses the methodology McKenzie, SM System and Pilates. Before the start of therapy, focuses on a comprehensive assessment of the condition of the ...
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Mgr. Dominika Vallová

Mgr. Dominika Vallová - physiotherapist, lymphatic drainage, ACT, SM system

Dominika graduated with a master's degree in physiotherapy from the Slovak Medical University in Bratislava. During her internship at the University Hospital, she managed to enrich her education with various courses such as Spiraldynamic, manual lymphatic drainage, Acral Coactivation Therapy or Propriofoot Concept.
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Dipl. fyz. Jana Lukačovičová

Dipl. phys. Jana Lukačovičová - Yoga teacher, Pilates, massage

She is qualified in Physiotherapy, Vojta Therapy and Yoga therapy. She is qualified in different types of yoga - Anusara Hatha yoga, Yin yoga, yoga teacher for children and and yoga therapist for children with special needs as Autism, Dmo, Asprger Sy, ADD. ADHD Down sy, etc.
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Simona Cpinová

Bc. Simona Cpinová - fyzioterapeut, Mojžišovej metóda, DNS, SM systém

Simona focuses on eliminating acute and chronic spinal pain, correcting muscle imbalances and incorrect movement stereotypes. In her work, she uses the DNS, SM System and the method of Mojžišová to eliminate infertility and strengthen the pelvic floor.
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Michaela Babuljaková

Bc. Michaela Babuljaková - junior physiotherapist

Michaela completed her bachelor's degree in physiotherapy at SZU in Bratislava and is continuing her master's degree. She often deals with patients with muscle imbalance, back pain and rehabilitation after injuries using several methods.
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Alex Vavrušek

Alex Vavrušek - physiotherapist, cupping, mobilization

Alex is currently a student of osteopathy, which he likes to apply in therapy. For the best effect in the therapy he uses neural mobilization and work with peripheral nerves, fascial manipulation, visceral manipulation, exercise. He likes a holistic approach in therapies.
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Ľubica Gorelová

Ľubica Gorelová - nurse

Our patient manager. She will bring smile on your face :)
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Always when I suffer by any health issue, apart from my football world, I remember Rehab Klinik. Such a great people, not only they are professionals in what they do ,but they are opened in their heart as well. Evka is exclent manager of physiotherapy team, she can diagnose problem very quickly and solve it very efectivly by professional approach and technique. Thats how physiotherapy should be like. Thank you.

Dušan Vangel

Football player
I had to look for professional help because of my cervical spain issues. Thats why I have chosen Rehab Klinik. Their professional and human approach have no limits. I feel how physioterapy lesson always help me and I would like to come back often and bring awarenes to my health as well.

Diana Mórová

I suffered by herniated disk and I needed help, thats why I  looked for professional help in lot of rehabilitation clinics in Slovakia and that how I met Evka, our physioterapy leader. She helped me to skip operation and today I can do everything as before. I am very acive person who loves all kind of sports. I would like to encouradge you to find the best physiotherapy help , as operation is not always the answer. Answer is to be aware and paying attention to your health making time for the the most important thing in your life - your health. Health is a choice and attidude. I decided to set up the rehabilitation clinic to help people like me to get better, get healthy and feel looked after on the way.

Miroslav Ondrejkovič

"I am excited, I felt relieved after first rehabilitation, my neck is free from pain and I could turn my head "180" degrees like an owl , second day after physiotherapy with Barborka. My health issues are solved , because of you. I have discovered magic of physiotherapy. Thank you Barborka."

Patrícia Ho

"I have health issues with my shoulders as professional rafter. My shoulders need to be strong because of my work , and sometimes is too much pressure for my them .That's why I practice exercises in Rehab Clinic and since I discovered Rehab Clinic I am pain free and can do what I love the most - rafting."

Martin Boro

"I needed physiotherapy because of my broken wrist. I was very lucky that I found excellent physiotherapist Eva Slamova in Rehab Clinic. She helped my wrist to fully recovered in a very short time. Despite of doctor's negative prognosis my wrist is like new now, so I can practice yoga again. Evička, you are great. Thank you."

Linda Rozenbergová

Yoga teacher


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